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We believe in open-source and its good cause, so everything here is under an open-source license and free for you to explore, fork and use it to your own likings. See the license you received with your download for more information.

🇪🇺 UI-Lovelace-Minimalist is a European project made with ❤️ and a lot of ☕ in France and Germany! You’re always welcome to join us, no matter where you are from!

Tools and software used in this project / on the wiki page

  • Jekyll
    We use Jekyll to generate the static code for this wiki. See the “page” repository to take a look at the source code for the page, including the used Jekyll gems.
  • Github
    We use Github to store our files and source code, for the main template files as well as for the source code of the wiki page. Versioning is, surprise, surprise, done by Git.
  • Netlify
    Netlify provides us with a really great service: they offer page hosting for free (for open-source projects) and have some neat tools to automatically deploy our website. Once configured, everything runs automatically. Thanks Netlify, your service is great!
    Change code -> upload to Github -> commit the newest data to “main”-branch -> Netlify automatically detects changes -> run “build” in Netlify automatically -> page gets deployed by Netlify automatically
  • On the wiki page:
    • Jquery for easier code in javascript
    • JS-Yaml to generate the formatted yaml code in CodeGenerators
    • Just-the-docs theme for Jekyll
    • Lightbox to show our images in a layover
    • Prism.js to highlight our code blocks and offer this little “copy” button right in the code window
  • In the “theme”:

Thanks to all the authors of these great open-source projects! We really appreciate your work!

© by UI-Lovelace-Minimalist 2021

Documentation for ULM version 1.0.0-beta.6