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CodeGenerator for installation (UI-mode)

Here you can generate the code you need to install this "theme" via `UI`-mode.

It bundles all necessary template data, language variables and custom-cards into one single block, so you can copy & paste it into your raw-config-editor.

Show instructions
  1. Select the language you want to use
  2. Select the custom-cards you want to install
  3. Select example data, if you want to have some example code added
  4. Click "Generate template code"
  5. The code will be generated and shows up in the textarea underneath the generate button
  6. Copy this code and paste it in your raw-config-editor
  7. See these instructions, if you don't know where to paste this.

Note: This generator is in beta state, so there may be issues! Thanks for understanding!

Main template file

This is the main template file from UI-Lovelace-Minimalist. This must be selected.


Select the language you want to use in your templates

Note: If your selected custom-cards offer language variables, they will be used automatically.


Select the custom-cards you want to include

Example data
Your template code

This is your generated code to paste into your config. See these instructions for more details.

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Documentation for ULM version 1.0.0-beta.6