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CodeGen Overview

We offer some CodeGenerators to ease your installation and use, mostly for UI-mode user.

Please note, these generators work locally in your browser, no data is sent anywhere!

These generators, especially as they are still in beta stage, are not meant to provide you with a full and ready to use layout. This would be something, that is far beyond these generators, there are simply to many possibilities and settings, that would need to be taken into account, to generate a correct and working code!

Nonetheless we’re still working on it, and will see, what we can come up with. But don’t expect that anytime soon, sorry!

But enough with the “disclaimers”, what can these generators do:

  • CodeGenerator Install
    This generator is for the installation of this “theme” in UI-mode. It generates the main template code, according to your choosen settings, to copy and paste it into your raw-config-editor window in Home Assistant.
    If you’re using yaml-mode, you won’t need this.
  • CodeGenerator Example
    Here you can experiment and get some code generated, to show off the way this “theme” works. It gives you kind of a scaffold, to see how things get setup and where you have to put your cards to show them.
  • CodeGenerator Button
    This generator helps you, to set up the correct variables and entries, that are needed for this “theme” to do its magic to your layout. Choose a button and fill in the necessary data from Home Assistant and you’ll get the code for this one button. :)

We thought of these three generators, as kind of a workflow:

  1. For installation use the first generator
  2. After that, see what the example generator comes up with, to get the idea how things work
  3. Now you have a somewhat working layout, it’s time to add some specific buttons for your installation - that’s where the third generator comes into play

Have fun with these, and as always, all ideas to make these generators better are welcome! Just drop us a note!

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