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Legacy templates

This “theme” was re-written prior to the release of version 1.0.0 and differs as such from the originally created templates. We tried to leave legacy templates in place (where applicable), so you can easily adjust your code over time. These legacy templates work by using the old naming and forwarding these to the new name. In the following table we have made an overview from the old to the new naming.

Note: Depending on the card you use, there are different things to set. Sometimes the entity is needed, sometimes the entity needs to be set as a variable, eg. ulm_card_xy_entity. In the template list is explained what you have to set.

Legend: variable | entry (eg. entity)

Old name New name New variables/entries
chips_icon chip_icon_state  ulm_chip_icon_state_icon
chips_return chip_back  ulm_chip_back_path
chips_localisation_present chip_presence_detection  ulm_chip_presence_counter_residents
title card_title
generic card_generic
light card_light
light_slider card_light_slider  ulm_card_light_slider_name
binary_sensor card_binary_sensor
outlet card_power_outlet  ulm_card_power_outlet_consumption_sensor
cover_buttons card_cover_with_buttons  ulm_card_cover_with_buttons_name
graph card_graph  ulm_card_graph_color
media card_media_player
battery card_battery  ulm_card_battery_attribute
media_mini_album card_media_player_with_cover
media_buttons card_media_player_with_controls  ulm_card_media_player_with_controls_entity
scene vertical_buttons
scene_blue vertical_buttons_blue
scene_green vertical_buttons_green

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