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The installation of this “theme” is right now only possible via a manual installation. We are working on getting this “theme” listed and installable via HACS, but technically it is neither a theme, nor an integration, and that makes it a little harder to get it into HACS. But don’t let that worry you, we have prepared some instructions on how to install and use this theme.

Depending on your Home Assistant setup, there are different ways to setup this theme, either for yaml or UI-mode.

Note: the way you choose to install determines the way you have to work later on with the system! But remember, you can configure the mode per dashboard, so it is possible to have one dashboard in yaml-mode, and one in UI-mode!

These are the differences between the two methods:

  YAML-mode UI-mode
Easy updating the “theme” ✔️ copy & paste files ❌ copy contents of files and put it together in one file
Use custom-cards and language variables ✔️ copy & paste files ❌ copy contents of files and put it together in one file
No yaml knowledge necessary
Use of CodeGenerator ✔️ ✔️

We recommend installation in yaml-mode!

A little technical insight

Home Assistant unfortunately only allows to include files to your Lovelace configuration in yaml-mode. This “theme” on the other hand makes extensive use of this include function. Therefor the use of yaml-mode is highly recommended! Did you know, you can set yaml-mode for specific dashboards while leaving all others in UI-mode!

There is a feature request at the Home Assistant forum, if you’d like to see this function available in UI-mode, too, you might want to give your vote in this thread.

Whatever way you choose, here are the instructions:

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