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Card welcome with menu buttons

Level: moderate | Author: paddy0174


In this tutorial we'll take the template code of the `welcome-card` and enhance it with a `horizontal-stack`-card and a few buttons provided by `button-card`. You'll learn how to extend the template code and slip in your own.

Enhancing a card with another lovelace-card? Writing code for a template? Sounds a lot and a little complicated? No worries, this tutorial breaks all the necessary steps down for you, so you can try it with your own code later!

What do we need before we start?

Not much, but I recommend using a good editor to do this task. No matter if you later will use it with yaml- or UI-mode, for the “developing” work a good editor is nice to work with. It just simplifies a few tasks.
And you need to have welcome-card installed. That’s all!

Looking for a template to start

The first thing we do, is looking for the template code we want to take as a basis. Go to our list of templates and copy the template code that you will be offered into a new file in your editor. For this tutorial we are going to take the code of the custom-card custom_card_paddy_welcome as a basis. And here it is:

    - ulm_custom_card_paddy_welcome_language_variables
  show_icon: false
  show_name: false
  show_label: false
      - grid-template-areas: '"item1"'
      - grid-template-columns: 1fr
      - grid-template-rows: min-content
      - row-gap: 12px
      - border-radius: var(--border-radius)
      - box-shadow: var(--box-shadow)
      - padding: 12px
        type: markdown
        content: >
            let time = states[variables.ulm_custom_card_paddy_welcome_time].state;
            let welcome = '';

            if (time > '18:00'){
              welcome = variables.ulm_custom_card_paddy_welcome_evening; 
            } else if (time > '12:00'){
              welcome = variables.ulm_custom_card_paddy_welcome_afternoon;
            } else if (time > '05:00'){
              welcome = variables.ulm_custom_card_paddy_welcome_morning;
            } else {
              welcome = variables.ulm_custom_card_paddy_welcome_hello;

            return welcome + ',<br>' + + '!';
        style: |
          ha-card {
            border-radius: 14px;
            box-shadow: none;
            font-size: 30px;
            text-align: left;
            cursor: default;

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